A storyteller, artist and craftsman, Vincent Cortez was born, raised and is still based in the diverse Fruitvale community of Oakland CA. At an early age, he developed a passion for filmmaking. Since graduating from SFSU’s Cinema Production program, and launching his own company, his films, as a producer and director, have garnered awards at both international and domestic film festivals (in both short and feature length categories).

His work has been distributed internationally and has aired on national television. Vincent prides himself on creating high concept/low budget films that blend and cross all genres, with character and story always at the forefront. His work on projects, like his debut feature “The Hush” (a 90 min. supernatural thriller shot for less than $8K), or his short dark fantasy film “Darkness of Night” (shot for around $1K and picked up by Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network) are just a few examples of his creativity and ability to craft compelling and engaging experiences.

Additionally, he has written articles for filmmaking publications, and spoken about film and creativity on panels and on public radio. Vincent also teaches filmmaking to at-risk youth, helping them find their stories from creative and technical standpoints. He currently runs his production company, Mitchell Street Pictures, building content of various styles, working alongside his wife and producing partner, Sofia L. Cortez, and spending time with their daughters.