Born in India and now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sunil Shah has spent many years with large to midsize software corporations (Cheyenne Software, Computer Associates, Veritas, Symantec, Whamix to name a few) architecting computer software in various capacities, including technical director. Sunil has been instrumental in developing innovative solutions for a diverse set of platforms, tools and technologies. Sunil holds seven patents in data management, protection and virtualization. Sunil has also spent the past 20+ years immersed in learning about various sciences, eastern mysticism & philosophy. He dove deeply into these diverse disciplines, reading hundreds of seminal works, and finding new ways to synthesize what he learned. Driven by a desire to share his enthusiasm for these eclectic subjects with as wide an audience as possible, Sunil wrote and directed critically acclaimed feature film The Wisdom Tree. While it was a low-budget indie, the script and treatment attracted many talented artists and filmmakers from around the world. Before The Wisdom Tree, Sunil directed a few short documentaries for nonprofit organizations. Though he loves to handle seemingly complex subjects and disciplines, he believes in and attempts to be as minimalist as possible.