Michael Stoll has been a writer, editor and journalism educator for more than 20 years. He is the executive director and editor of the San Francisco Public Press, an award-winning, independent nonprofit local newspaper and website based on the public broadcasting model. He has covered local news for the Hartford Courant, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Francisco Examiner, and contributed freelance work to Columbia Journalism Review, Earth Island Journal, SF Weekly, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Quill, the Christian Science Monitor, the San Jose Mercury News, the Miami Herald, E/The Environmental Magazine, San Francisco Magazine and SF Weekly.

While getting a master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University, he reported as a stringer for the Metro section of the New York Times. He has taught journalism at the University of San Francisco and San Jose State University. In the mid-2000s he researched media ethics at Grade the News, a project of the Stanford Department of Communications.