To culture, create and change. The three guiding principled that have driven and informed Karl’s career and practice. A graduate of the UAL (University of the Arts London), Karl was fortunate enough to benefit from an early mentoring experience with the visionary sound artist Brian Eno that went on to shape his orientation to the world as something of a renaissance man. Driven by the the fundamental desire to bring about social change through the application of creativity and learning Karl has worked as a scenery painter at the Royal National Theatre, practiced in art therapy, led social change charities, been an active musician and developed teacher training and good practice in education for social change for the BBC and the British government among others. He currently resides in Brussels, Belgium, where he develops the International courses’ offer for LUCA School of Arts and writes copy and journalism. His current focus of research is an unbiased exploration of the uncertain relationship between Russia, the dark web and Western democracies democracies.