Joseph Galata has 44 years of international and national performances as a dancer, ethnic dancer, actor, and storyteller. He has 37 years as writer, director, and producer for theatre, television, radio and as a television and radio journalist/host. He was a University faculty member in a medical clinic for 23 years, worked for 5 years as Executive Director for a hospice foundation, and 8 years as the Executive Director for a state agency serving abused and abandoned children/teens. Joseph also has 32 years as a Fundraiser and Grant Funding writer/administrator. For 4 years he held an appointed position — Representative on the Socio-Economic Council of the United Nations, NYC and Geneva. And he has 31 years service on over 50 international/national/state/local boards of directors for media, arts, health, education, social services non-profit organizations. Joseph’s education includes:  4 degrees and 8 post-graduate certifications in Financial Literacy Education and Coaching, Logotherapy, Grief and Bereavement Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, Multi-Cultural Counseling, Community Arts Management, and Business Administration.