By the time she was 9 years old, Jasmine Kainy had lived in America, Africa and the Middle East. So from a very early age she was exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, sights and sounds. This variety is well expressed in her versatile career which began in the Israeli Army radio station, where she took her first steps as a journalist and storyteller, and continued with broadcasting arts studies at SFSU. Her years in the Bay Area awoke an immense appetite for visual storytelling, which she took back to Israel.

Since 1995 Jasmine has been creating and directing for Israeli TV in a variety of genre: documentary series, investigative magazines, reality shows and even teen daily-dramas. Two of the shows she has led were nominated for Israeli TV awards. In addition, Jasmine has worked for international channels such as National Geographic and The Sesame Workshop. Her need to explore new forms of visual expression led Jasmine to create experimental videos combining poetry and filmmaking.

These short-form creations found their way into festivals, galleries and museums in Europe, the US and Israel. Jasmine has been sharing her experience with the younger generation teaching directing and visual story-telling workshops in the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and IDC Hertzelia. Jasmine is also an active member of the Israeli Women In Film chapter advancing gender equality in the film and television industry, as well as a board member of the Israeli Documentary Forum, working to promote quality documentary making.