Gosia Luberda, born and raised in Poland, graduated in Entertainment and Artistic Studies (Tecniche Artistiche e della Spettacolo, Venice, Italy). From a young age, she performed in bands, dance and theatre companies in Poland, in United Arab Emirates and after, in Italy. She collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Mr.Pollack, Mauro Arrighi, Marco Dannarumma, Olga Szwajgier, Art Color Ballet and Michele Bonivento.

Gosia works as a singer-songwriter, performer, holistic voice coach and laughter yoga teacher. She has specialized in active Gestalt methodologies in group leadership. She is now living and working betweek Venice and Cracow, training in Music Therapy and Nada Yoga. Her work approach is holistic, creative and multidisciplinary. She deeply believes in the healing, cathartic and transformative power of any artistic form of expression.