Born in Berlin from a French mother and Iranian father, Cyril Atef is an accomplished musician who now lives in Paris, France. After 10 years in Berlin, his family moved to Los Angeles in 1978. Cyril beat on boxes at the age of 3 years and began private courses at the age of 6 years. His Dad bought his first drumset at age 11 in LA. He studied at Berklee early 1989 and completed three semesters until June 1990. Cyril began to play more with a group called “OZAIN.” With their savings, they decided to pay a one-way trip to Brussels in June 1990 and make a street tour in different European cities. Cyril then decided to try to meet people in Paris and began playing with reggae artist Princess Erika. He played with her for four years, met musicians in Marseille, traveled back and forth to the south of France. Cyril Atef composes original scores for films and documentaries, including “Viva Riva,” a Congolese movie directed by Djo Munga Wa Munga, “Molly’s Way,” “Kill Me,” directed by his sister Emily Atef, and documentaries for Canal +.