CStar, a Namibian heARTist of Life who is passionate about Authentic expression and spiritual ascension. She views her gifts and talents as tools from the Creator to establish Heaven On Mama Earth and to teach, and learn, LOVELovelove wherever she exists. She is focused on resurrecting creativity in Namibian society, and the world in general as a free flowing, free formed expression.

As such, Her heART is expressed in various forms from food, to apparel, to jewellery, doodles and events organisation. She is a painter, a poet, a singer, an actress, a graphic designer, a fashion designer, a childcare practitioner, a dedicated friend and loyal partner.

She is the Creator of TeamHermit Creations, a group of solo established heARTists who work together collectively. She is also the founder of ‘where is your heART?’ A 1 day festival where Love and ART meet 🙂 and the Fashion Designer for New 3arth Apparel (N3A), an 3arth grounded clothing line. She lives in Namibia and travels for work to Cape Town, South Africa.