Andrea Serrahn’s love of fashion started when she was a little girl growing up in Wisconsin designing and sewing her own clothing. She went on to study textiles, among other things, in college and practiced various printing and sewing techniques into her early 20s. But her true love affair with fabrics and fashion design was only just beginning.

It was during a trip to India in 1990, that Serrahn became enthralled with the colors, textures, sheens and exciting variation of the country’s hand-woven, hand-printed, hand-stitched and wonderfully unique textiles. Upon her return, Serrahn was inspired to create a boutique that fused her love of fashion design with her love of India’s fabulous fabrics.

The result is Serrahna, her women’s fashion boutique in Oakland’s Rockridge district featuring cutting-edge fashions sewn from the traditional, hand-worked fabrics of India.